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The Top Ten Best British Comedy Musicians

If there are two things that the British do impeccably well, it’s music and comedy. (And they always find a way to use the word “impeccably”…) When these two talents are married, it’s a union that sees our little island standing among the best in the world for comedy music. As a satirical songwriter myself, […]

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The Grand Tour - Second Times A Charm

The Grand tour – second time’s a charm

Irish Tour Announcement – See below for more information. Chris and Joel are off to meet the Irish I’m so excited to tell you that ‘The Grand Tour’ is back for part two!Singer-songwriter Joel Gardner and I are back in the boat and this time we’re off to Ireland and Northern Ireland. For a full list of gigs […]

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“It’s just getting that lucky break isn’t it?”: A misconception about the music industry

“It’s just getting that lucky break isn’t it?”This question is usually followed by “have you tried X Factor?” But that’s for another discussion… While I completely respect the sentiment behind this statement, I find it problematic for a few reasons. It fails to notice a change in the way the music industry now works and […]

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Bottle It Up by Chris Tavener


“Cause I Bottle It Up Man…”

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It’s A Troubadour’s Life For Me…

It’s A Troubadour’s Life For Me Some musician’s live for writing that perfect song.Some musicians live for the fame and fortune…If they’re very lucky!Some musician’s live for recording that incredible guitar sound.Me? I’ve always enjoyed performing live the most. When it came time to embark upon my most ambitious three months of touring to date; […]

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