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My Edinburgh Festival Fringe Debut – 2024

Edinburgh Fringe is calling! I am beyond excited to announce that I am taking my very first programmed show to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2024. As an annual fringe-goer for almost a decade, it’s been a dream of mine to perform a show at the biggest arts festival in the world. I’ll be performing 15 shows between 2nd – 17th August (except 11th) at 6:10pm.
Grab your tickets here. More details below:

Edinburgh Fringe 2024

Chris Tavener is Faking Cool

The show is called “Chris Tavener is Faking Cool” – named after one of my songs. It’ll be a mix of new and old songs as any debut should be. However, I’ll also be writing some songs for the fringe that haven’t been performed anywhere before. I may not be playing them again afterwards.

It will also include some of my old stage tricks, fashioned in a new way. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about then have a listen to my live album ‘Is He Joking? (Live)’. I can’t wait!

If you want to be there at the festival, I would highly recommend booking a trip. To my mind, this is without a doubt the coolest place to be in August – and I’m not talking about the weather. Although, I would bring some warm clothes because you can never count on the British Summer to deliver.

Again, you can grab your tickets at this link.

I hope to see you there and stay tuned to my socials for news of preview shows in other parts of the country. I would keep some of July free as well…Keep your eyes on my live dates page.

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