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New Song: The Daily Grind

I am delighted to reveal my new track ‘The Daily Grind’! it’s a song about the misconceptions surrounding coffee drinkers and their critics. I wrote this song in North Wales directly after my Autumn tour in 2022 and it’s been going down a treat at my live shows ever since!

I got together with Green Velvet Studios in Stockport to bring this coffee song to life with an indie rock and new wave inspired sound. It’ll be the first of many more new songs to come from my collaboration with them and I will be sharing more of what we worked on in 2024.

I am so proud of ‘The Daily Grind’ and so grateful for all the comments. It seems that people have really related to this song. Furthermore, during this year’s ‘costa’ living crisis, I think it’s struck a chord better than ever I could have predicted.

‘The Daily Grind’ is available on all streaming platforms at this link – click here
You can also find it for sale on Bandcamp.

On 23rd November I released the music video for the song. It was expertly shot and edited by ‘A Film By Joel’. It’s a surreal, fever dream of a video that has some unexpected twists and turns. Look out for my arch enemies as things get a little scary…

Full video – click here

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