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I’m now on Patreon, there’s so much bonus music coming…

I’m so excited to announce I’m now on Patreon. There’s so much bonus music coming your way!

When my upcoming tour dates for this year were cancelled, I decided to pull myself up by my bootstraps and put together something to stay connected with all of you lovely people.

You can find out what’s on the way at this link – click here

So what is Patreon exactly?

It’s a membership platform that allows creators like me to share new and exclusive work with their supporters. Many musicians like myself have used Patreon to supplement their income and provide new ways for their fans to interact. My touring buddy Thomas Benjamin Wild Esquire being one of them.
I’ve personally never had an agent, a manager or a label to back me up so everything that you see has been paid for by yours truly.
This isn’t a plea or a sign that anything is going to change; I still plan on keeping all the videos and songs free for anyone to listen. However, if you’d like to support me to keep doing that in the future (while also getting some extra music) then that would warm my heart!

Fancy-schmancy video trailer

I’ve put my editing skills to work and summarised what all of this means in a short video trailer.

Patreon Video Trailer

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