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Thomas Benjamin Wild Esquire and I have finished our 2022 tour!

It’s been a lot of fun but all good things come to an end…Thomas Benjamin Wild Esquire and I played the final show of our weekends tour in Chester to a lovely crowd at Alexander’s Live.

I was already a big fan of his work, however, it’s been a real pleasure getting to know Tom; I have to say he’s a top chap! He’s a lovely gent, a true professional and all the adventures up and down the country from Brighton to Liverpool have been an absolute hoot. You certainly haven’t seen the last of us…
Thank you also to Tom’s incredible fans who have welcomed me into your hearts over the course of November. Everyone was so friendly and had a brilliant sense of humour.
That’s it for my shows for this year, although I’ll be announcing a few in January that I’m very excited about. You could say they have been in the making since early 2021! Keep an eye on my live tour dates for an update. There may yet be a return for Thomas Benjamin Wild Esquire in my gig listings for 2023 – you didn’t hear it from me!
Here is a bunch of my favourite photos from being on the road in November.

There are more plans in the works for 2023 so I hope to see you at a show next year.
If you’d like to hear about what’s coming next, as always your best bet is via my mailing list. You can join via this link.
If you haven’t heard of him before, Thomas Benjamin Wild Esquire is fantastic so do check him out on Youtube! Here’s a link to his channel – click here

Lastly, here’s a lovely little audience video from our show in Brighton:

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