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This Is The One – A World Cup Song For 2022

“Hope isn’t gone. England come on. This is the one!”

World cup glory, here we come! I’m so proud to reveal my brand new song: This Is The One.
‘This Is The One’ is about the incredible hype surrounding international football. To me, it’s both hilarious and inspiring to see even the most unlikely new football fans going all out for the world cup.
It came home this Summer, so I think we’re in need of a new song:

You can stream it on your choice of streaming platform –

The inspiration for this song came from my 2021 song ‘Three Lines’, a parody of ‘Three Lions’ by Baddiel, Skinner and The Lightning Seeds. I noticed that there were a lot of people on social media suddenly taking a passionate interest in England when they reached the final of the Euros 2021, however they’d not watched a single game before that. Maybe they’d not even watched a full match of football before!

I wrote some brand new music with an anthemic, chant-like chorus and went in to record at Green Velvet Studios in Manchester. There were fewer references to Gareth Southgate, Harry Kane and all the team as I wanted to capture a feeling of optimism that we English fans have always and will always be known for.

Recording at Green Velvet Studios

Will we win the FIFA world cup in 2022?

Will we win the world cup? I have no idea…but having come as close as we did in 2021 and with the women winning the Euros earlier this Summer, I like to think we’ve got a great chance. If you’re a football fan or even just a casual viewer then make sure to add ‘This Is The One’ to your pre and post match playlist. You never know, we might be right this time…

If you’d like to see me perform the song live, I’m on tour right now! Ticket info available here.

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