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The new EP – Easy Ways To Be Happy

I’m delighted to share with you that my brand new EP is out now. It features the singles ‘How To Truly Win At Life’ and ‘Right Back Again’ plus three other unheard tracks.
Digital format – it’s available to listen on all streaming platforms
Physical format – pre-order a copy of the physical EP – click here

This has felt like an awfully long time coming…I first put pen to paper during the covid-19 lockdowns of 2020 and then recorded in September 2021. Finally we’re here at last with the five tracks from this EP:
1. All I Need
2. How To Truly Win At Life
3. Worldwide Superstar
4. Right Back Again
5. Bill Gates (And Other Thoughts)
This EP feels to me like it has a real sense of identity. I focused on creating jangle guitar rock that has a lot of energy and a lyrical theme of modern day shortcuts to happiness…of course, many of these shortcuts turn out to be no use at all! It’s perhaps the least comedic collection of songs that I’ve ever done and it also features a heartfelt, sentimental side to my songwriting.
It was recorded at Third Floor Studios in Sheffield where producer Aron Bicskey and I performed all the instruments and vocals you can hear.

Easy Ways To Be Happy EP Cover
Easy Ways To Be Happy EP Cover
It’s been wonderful to read your stories about how these tracks have felt relatable to you (particularly Right Back Again) and I hope to share them live with you on the road again soon. More updates to come on this website about my EP launches in Manchester and Northwich, plus some news about a tour for later this year! Stay tuned.

Read more about the story behind my first single ‘How To Truly Win At Life’ at this link – click here

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