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Second Single – Right Back Again

Right Back Again – Out Now

I’m excited and nervous to reveal my brand new single ‘Right Back Again’. This is easily the most earnest and introspective song that I’ve ever released (there’s not a lot of competition in that respect…). I promised that this EP would be a little different and I’m so proud of how this track has turned out.
Listen on your chosen streaming platform via this link – click here.

Right Back Again – Cover Photograph by Brendan Clayton
This is the second single from my new EP ‘Easy Ways To Be Happy’ and I’m pleased to say that the other tracks will be on the way very soon. The official release date of Friday 20th May is now just a month away.

In other news:

Let’s All Go To A Festival

I’ve just announced my first festival appearance this Summer at Knutsford Music Festival. I’m delighted to say I’ve been personally invited by BBC Radio 2’s Mark Radcliffe to come and perform.

Mark Radcliffe Presents: Hope & Social supported by Chris Tavener will be on Sunday 12th June 2022.

Mark Radcliffe and Edge Studios Concert
Mark Radcliffe and Edge Studios Concert

That’s all for now but don’t worry, because I will be ‘Right Back Again’ (ba dum tish!) with another update about the music video for this single very soon…

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