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Christmas parody Song – “Baby Just Go Outside!”

“Baby Just Go Outside!” A festive parody song this Christmas…

Well it’s that time of year again and Christmas is approaching very fast.
I recently decided that it’s been too long since I sold out and joined the many musicians releasing music in December.

I have to thank Tiktok for nearly 100,000 views on this! You guys have been fantastic yet again.
This is a fun festive parody that I actually co-wrote with my sister Carys when we were bored back in 2019.
A musician friend and local Tiktok star, Samantha Lloyd, kindly agreed to help me out with some vocals and acting. She did a wonderful job and I’m really pleased to present the finished video below:

You can hear more of my Tiktok escapades, at my profile – click here
This year it includes a daily cover of ‘The Twelve Days of Xmas’, renamed ‘The Twelve Days of eBay-mas’

A festive favourite at five

If you’d like to hear an old (roasted) chestnut from a few years ago, my song ‘Selling Out For Christmas’ celebrates five years on Youtube this year. Give it a spin to commemorate all the artists who have ever sold their artistic integrity at this time of year. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without someone selling out!…

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