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Recording has been completed!!
In July and August of this year my bedroom (that doubles as a cramped workspace) looked like this photograph.
I spent days and days working on some full band demos of five brand new songs.

I am pleased to say, that I’ve now had the chance to get into a studio and record these songs for real.
If you follow me on Facebook, you’ll know that unfortunately my original session had to be postposed because my producer had to isolate.
However, on 6th September I was able to stay for five days in the beautiful countryside of Sheffield to work with him on a new EP that I’ve been writing for well over a year.

These songs feel new and fresh compared to what I’m used to creating on my tracks. They’re big, brash and in some cases quite electronic and contemporary.
The lyrics remind me a lot of
lockdown. I wanted to write about some of my experiences (and others) through the lens of some unique characters. There’s the usual helping of satire and much more besides!

I’m so excited to reveal more but there’s a lot of work to be done first. I’ll be creating music videos for at least two of the songs and starting on the mixing and mastering. You should hear about them again in very early 2022.

In the meantime, to show off our professionalism, here are a series of studio goofs! This was producer Aron and I larking around in the time between (and during!) takes.
Video Link = Click here

Recording at Third Floor Studios

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