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Support gig with touring artist – emily capell

I am so pleased to tell you I have added the very first 2021 dates to my calendar! You can see where at this link – click here. The biggest of all is a slot at the legendary Manchester venue Matt and Phreds with touring artist Emily Capell. Put the 19th November in your diary folks!
She’s a witty woman with an armful of catchy and whimsical songs so I know you guys will love her.
Scroll to find out more.
Or grab your ticket here – See Tickets.

Wait A Minute? Who?
Emily Capell is a North West London artist blending unique sounds from country, ska and pop! I’m loving her new record – ‘Combat Frock’. I discovered her music only this year and it’s a breath of fresh air. For fans of 50s/60s music, Madness and The Clash (I am all of the above…) then you are going to love watching her perform.

It turns out her management liked what I do too and if this gig goes well then it’ll be the start of even bigger things for me! It would mean the world to see you there so if you fancy finally putting something in your calendar again – get your tickets here. If you get some please let me know!

It’s been far too long since I’ve seen you all so I hope you’re able to come along to this show.
Here is that ticket link – click here.

If you’re further afield, I know I’ll be looking into other dates once covid stops being an attention seeker…
Sit tight until then everyone and remember to stay safe. Can’t wait to be out performing again.

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