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Film Festival Success For ‘The Meteor and the Moon’

Film festivals were not at the forefront of our minds when we created ‘The Meteor and the Moon‘ for Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital…But they certainly are now!

A short time ago, I had the distinct privilege to take part in a short film that was being made for the benefit of Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.
I was asked to write a song that had been inspired by a story idea, created by a young patient there. A fantastic cause!

Little did I know, just how far this film would go.
As we got into the production, I was asked to sing and act as well. We also had film and theatre royalty in Sir Ian McKellen as my co-star.

Here’s an update on it since its release…

International Festivals

It’s just fantastic to see how well this little film is performing across the globe.
An animated film festival in Ukraine was one of the first to accept our film into its screening list.

During the Summer of 2020, the New York Animation Film Awards made ‘M&M’ a semi-finalist in its competition. Canada also selected the film for Nickel festival and Italy too, in its Malatesta Short Film Festival.

Since then these film festivals from Turkey, the USA and Australia have been kind enough to screen the film:

Izmir International Short Film Festival
St Louis International Film Festival
Canberra Short Film Festival

Sadly, most of these festivals are taking place virtually due to the current pandemic. However, many have put on limited events.

Encounters Festival

Arguably, the cream of the crop for us as UK film-makers, is Encounters Film Festival.
We got the news in late July that we had been selected and the festival took place in September to October. I was blown-away!

For those who aren’t aware, Encounters is the leading short film festival in the UK and is among the most prestigious festivals in the world.
It is in fact a gateway to the world’s most famous awards – The BAFTAs and the Oscars.

While we were under no illusion that we’d win an Oscar, it’s amazing to be even considered among that sort of company as a team who just wanted to bring children’s stories to life on screen.

I wanted to create this blog post in order to encourage film-makers. A charity project like this, made by a small group of individuals really can go very far indeed.
And to show off a little bit too!…

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