Postcard Home – new music video

Postcard Home Music Video
Postcard Home Music Video

“Doing Malibu shots on the back of a hippo…”

I am delighted to reveal my brand new music video for ‘Postcard Home’.
This song has been a live audience favourite for quite a while.
I think we’ve really captured the travel vlogger In 2020!

Click here to watch

This song was written and released for my live album ‘Is He Joking? (Live)’
Since then, I’ve performed it countless times and it’s been so humbling to hear how many people laughed at, and related to, the character in it.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to One Shot Adventures, Alex Outhwaite and Matthaeus Ceglarek for their travel footage that added legitimacy to this film. Check them all out for some real, authentic (unironic) experiences on what it’s really like travelling the world as a young person in the 21st Century.

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Thank you for all your lovely comments on Facebook and Youtube
I thought I’d include some behind the scenes photos in this blog post to show how much fun we had making this film.

Wondering whether I can ever go travelling again after making this video…
Joel Gardner filming me on set at Button Warehouse, Macclesfield
We also shot in Macclesfield Forest. I really had to lean into this pose.
We had to pause every so often to laugh at how pretentious I looked…

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