Live From Lockdown!

New Songs and Live Performances from life in lockdown

“We need it all explained to us
We need someone that we can trust
Well I’ve found them…”

Hello everyone! I hope you’re coping okay in this nationwide lockdown from the coronavirus pandemic.
I could never have imagined we’d be in this position when I wrote a song about the UK’s first two coronavirus infection cases
Watch – Happy Brexit/Coronavirus Day

However, I decided to write another song that’s entirely different.
This one is about lockdown and it’s also about the leadership I would recommend during Boris Johnson’s absence… *wink wink*
It’s received over 14,000 views on Facebook. Here it is…

UK Lockdown Song by Chris Tavener

In the past month, I’ve been performing sets for Isolate Live who have provided a platform for well-known acts including Frank Turner and Gaz Brookfield. They offered me a support slot for Britain’s Got Talent Finalist Micky P Kerr.
I then performed for Quarantunes live on Zoom and Channel Zee TV.
Most recently I’ve been performing for my old local venue, The Salty Dog. They are part of the Music Venues Trust initiative and really need your help, if you can offer it. Click this link.

But I couldn’t do all that and not perform on my own Facebook page.
So I’m pleased to announce a live stream concert on Friday 8th May at 8pm. There will be old songs, new songs, coronavirus songs and of course no live stream is complete without everyone’s favourite – technical issues!…
Can’t wait to see you all for some laughs.

Facebook Live Stream - 8th May 2020
Tune in live at this link – click here

If you’d like a copy of my original songs, you can always visit my shop – click here
You can watch my live DVD ‘Is He Joking?’ from the comfort of your very own living room!
Any support for musicians at this time is always greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Wishing you all well and I’ll see you at a gig somewhere, sometime.