Wrecking The Bar – A World Cup 2018 Song

“I don’t know the players
I don’t know the clubs
But I’m wrecking the bar if we lose!…”

Everybody’s seen those part-time football hooligans, who lurch out of the woodwork every four years. You’d better get ready for some angry nonsense; because these lads are about to take things a bit too far!
I’ve re-written my song ‘Wrecking The Bar‘ to reflect the World Cup 2018.
Be prepared for attacks on waffles (Belgium), swipes at Disney (Tunisia) and a plain lack of geography knowledge (Panama) as these England fans take this year’s world cup entry to a whole new level of absurdity…

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This front-page review by Louder Than War sheds some light on the single release:

This new single is catchy little no-nonsense folk ditty and takes the piss out of people who hate football but try to get into the whole atmosphere with their mates. It is actually a lot better than the awful dirge we have to go through most tournaments and refreshing to hear. The thing about it is actual football fans like me will like this as I do. A different take, a different bloke. You’ll like him!” – Written by Wayne Carey

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This video was again directed with the brilliant Axel Wolstenholme and we had more fun making this film than perhaps any music video we’ve done before.

Studio recordings were done at Limefield Studios with the exceptional sound engineer skills of Andrew Glassford, assisted by Hannah Ashcroft. Drums by Phil Howley, Piano by Tobi Afolabi and all other instrumentation by Chris Tavener.

England Fans Get Ready…

You’re sure to see a few of these football hooligans in every bar across the country for this year’s World Cup.

Still From 'Wrecking The Bar' - The England Hooligans Prepare To Be Disappointed
Still From ‘Wrecking The Bar’ – The England Hooligans Prepare To Be Disappointed