2017 Re-Release – Selling Out For Christmas

December Newsletter from Chris Tavener
Selling Out For Christmas by Chris Tavener

What’s worse than selling out?
Selling out twice…

December Newsletter:

I’m delighted to reveal (bring back) the brand new (year old) music video and single ‘Selling Out For Christmas’. I’ve been looking forward to this re-release to get myself in the festive mood.
Ready for the chorus? – “Christmas time! So say goodbye to my intergrity”

The single is once again in partnership with my chosen charity Mines Advisory Group, a Manchester-based landmines charity that my sister has worked with for over 10 years. 50% of all proceeds go to MAG.
Check it out – click here

Cheap Deals Deluxe Bundle
Cheap Deals Deluxe Bundle

I’m also pleased to bring back the ‘Selling Out For Christmas’ December bundles. Large packs of my music and merchandise for a ludicrously inexpensive price, because everybody loves a cheap deal!….Especially at Christmas

Chris Tavener and Thom Morecroft. A Promotional Photograph For The Long Way Home Tour 2017

“His comic timing is phenomenal” – Rocket Fuel HQ
“The ease with which he got the audience entertained and
participating in his performance was just incredible” – Bucket List UK

We’re home again! Thom Morecroft and I concluced our UK tour in Manchester.
We’ve had a brilliant time visiting Newcastle, London, York, Sheffield, Liverpool and Shropshire with some mishaps and adventures along the way…
You can read all about it in my tour debrief (below).

Blog including reviews and photos – Click Here
Find yourself in the crowd or be there next time

Edge Recording Studio
Edge Recording Studio

So What’s Next? 
Alongside tour dates I’ve been working at The Edge Recording Studios (above) and I’m pleased to say that the edit of the album is now COMPLETE.
It’ll now be mastered while I work with Luna Productions on the DVD.
Watch this space, and by that I mean your inbox, for further updates.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas

See you in the New Year