Chris Tavener Live – Live Album Has Now Been Recorded!

Chris Tavener performed his highly anticipated hour-long show ‘Chris Tavener Live’ in front of a theatre crowd on two SOLD OUT nights in Manchester

The gig performances at The Three Minute Theatre will now be edited, mixed and mastered to become an album and a DVD. The title of which is included in this article…

Thursday Performance of Chris Tavener Live - Photo by Christine Keating
Thursday Performance of Chris Tavener Live – Photo by Christine Keating
Wow! I could not have wished for any more from my Live Album Shows on 28th and 29th September last week in Manchester. The audiences were nothing short of incredible with their support, cheering and laughing. On top of that, they turned out in such numbers that the Friday sold out in advance. The Thursday sold out on the evening of the performance.
2017 for me has been almost entirely about making these shows the best they can be. Save for the release of an animated music video for ‘Apocalypse Prediction’ and the recording of a new single, ‘Faking Cool’ with a music video.
I concentrated my efforts in creating an hour long piece of theatre that bridged the gap between comedy stand up and live music gig; including lights, playback audio and physical comedy to form a complete show. I’m pleased to hear feedback telling me that the audiences were indeed taken on a hilarious, and even at times emotional, journey through the set. I wrote approximately 12 brand new songs for the show, with only 4 making the final cut alongside more familiar, older songs. I also went through multiple drafts of the scripts involved and drove hundreds of miles to test the songs and effects out so as not to spoil anything for my hometown crowds.
The shows have now gone into the edit and work begins almost immediately. For anyone who was able to pre-order an album or a DVD, you will have already discovered the name of the upcoming album: “Is He Joking?…”. It seemed very appropriate for my style of subtle satirical music but also for the show itself which deals with controversial subjects, the way people react to satire and just being a comedy musician.

Special Thanks

There are many people I’d like to thank for their dedicated work towards these shows but specifically I must mention:
John Topliff and Gina at the Three Minute Theatre for allowing me into their brilliant theatre space but also their words of encouragement, ease of organisation, knowledge of the arts and just entertaining conversations when we needed them!
My film crew Jack, Mel and Michael of Luna Productions for their attention to detail, organisation, understanding and their super, easy-to-work-with attitude that made me completely trust that the DVD was in capable hands.
John Delf for his excellent sound recording work in the face of computer hiccups and communication despite gruelling tour schedules. I hope your gigs in Berlin over the weekend went well!
Laura Elizabeth Bason for her pinpoint accurate delivery of the on-stage audio and lighting effects. A truly professional stage manager who would do anything that’s required.
Christine Keating and Andy Darbyshire for picking up some excellent photography shots of the performances on Thursday and Friday.
Paige Mackenzie, Gideon Conn, Matthew Hibbert and Robbie Cavanagh for their marvellous support performances, as well as words of encouragement and praise for the evening while on stage. Great sets by all the support acts.
Lastly, my extremely supportive parents, my sister Carys and family for bringing fantastic moral and practical support in the making of the shows.
All that’s left now is for the album and DVD to be released! I intend to take my time over the editing, mixing and mastering process. To avoid the release getting drowned in the lead up to Christmas, an early 2018 release date has been tentatively pencilled in to the calendar. I hope you’ll look forward to it.
Friday Performance of Chris Tavener Live - Photo by Lizzie Brankin
Friday Performance of Chris Tavener Live – Photo by Lizzie Brankin