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The Top Ten Best British Comedy Musicians

If there are two things that the British do impeccably well, it’s music and comedy. (And they always find a way to use the word “impeccably”…) When these two talents are married, it’s a union that sees our little island standing among the best in the world for comedy music. As a satirical songwriter myself, […]

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The Grand Tour - Second Times A Charm

The Grand tour – second time’s a charm

Irish Tour Announcement – See below for more information. Chris and Joel are off to meet the Irish I’m so excited to tell you that ‘The Grand Tour’ is back for part two!Singer-songwriter Joel Gardner and I are back in the boat and this time we’re off to Ireland and Northern Ireland. For a full list of gigs […]

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Glastonbury Festival - Photo Credit To The BBC

“It’s just getting that lucky break isn’t it?”: A misconception about the music industry

It’s usually followed by “have you tried X Factor?” But that’s for another discussion… While I completely respect the sentiment behind this statement, I find it problematic for a few reasons. It fails to notice a change in the way the music industry now works and can actually hinder a musician’s progress. I think I […]

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Bottle It Up by Chris Tavener


“Cause I Bottle It Up Man…”

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It’s A Troubadour’s Life For Me…

It’s A Troubadour’s Life For Me   Some musician’s live for writing that perfect song.Some musicians live for the fame and fortune…If they’re very lucky!Some musician’s live for recording that incredible guitar sound.Me? I’ve always enjoyed performing live the most. When it came time to embark upon my most ambitious three months of touring to […]

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How Independent Musicians Can Use Technology in 2019 to Help Their Careers

How Independent Musicians Can Use Technology in 2019 to Help Their Careers Multi-instrumentalist Bishi Image credit: CC BY-SA 3.0, From the perspective of an independent musician, the music industry, is much like a feudal system of the 1 per cent (those who have been signed) and the 99 per cent (the independent sector),” explains […]

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New Female Songwriters

My Favourite New Songwriters Are Female

My Favourite New Songwriters Are Female The above statement shouldn’t be any surprise. The world has never been short of great female songwriters. Carole King, Patti Smith, Joni Mitchell, Kate Bush, Amy Winehouse to name but a few. Two American sisters, Patty and Mildrid J. Hill wrote “Happy Birthday To You” for goodness sake! There […]

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A Little OTT - UK Tour with Gavin Osborn and Chris Tavener

UK Tour with Gavin Osborn – A Little OTT

We’re About To Go: A Little OTT I’m very pleased to unveil my 2018 UK tour with Gavin Osborn. Plus reflections on Summer shows and new songwriting commissions. Are you ready to go a bit overboard? Straight after my Europe tour, I’ll be hitting the road in the UK with the hilarious and marvellous raconteur that is – Mr Gavin Osborn. […]

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The Grand Tour - Amsterdam Tour Date

New European Live Dates – The Grand Tour

Proudly Presenting: The Grand Tour I’m thrilled to announce my first European tour A big support gig for BBC talent Praise from Will Ferrell’s Funny Or Die The Grand Tour (Not The Car Show) – First Gigs Abroad Known traditionally as a rite of passage through Europe, ‘The Grand Tour’ is my first string of gigs outside the UK. […]

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Wrecking The Bar - Out Now

Wrecking The Bar – A World Cup 2018 Song

“I don’t know the players I don’t know the clubs But I’m wrecking the bar if we lose!…” Everybody’s seen those part-time football hooligans, who lurch out of the woodwork every four years. You’d better get ready for some angry nonsense; because these lads are about to take things a bit too far! I’ve re-written my song ‘Wrecking […]

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