Song In The News – A New Comedy Music Series + Live Dates

Walk on girls, American football and cars in space…It’s just another week in the news!

Unlike the excellent photoshop skills in the picture above might suggest, I haven’t been in to space this year…yet. No this picture compiles the recent subject choices for my trial run at a brand new video series called ‘Song In The News’. Every Sunday since Sunday 28th January I’ve been releasing a new satirical or, just plain comedy, song about a story in the week’s news.

On Sunday 4th February, I shared a video called ‘British People Watching The Superbowl’ which gathered more than 10,000 views on Facebook in 3 days. It was shared by American football clubs across the country and became popular on the British subreddit r/CasualUK. You can watch it by clicking on the image below:

'British People Watching The Superbowl' - Song In The News #2 by Chris Tavener
‘British People Watching The Superbowl’ – Song In The News #2 by Chris Tavener




I’ve been so pleased with the success of the ‘Song In The News’ series. I hope that it will help me to reach out to new followers, in the way that online comedians such as Jonathan Pie, JP Sears, Scheiffer Bates and The Parody Project managed to gain their fan base.

So When Is The Next Series?…

The fifth and final episode on series one was released on Sunday 25th February. I am already looking ahead to the next series and how I could improve upon it. I recently started an exciting new  crowdfunding campaign at a musician’s website called Rocketfuel. With your help, I’d like to invest in new and better equipment, for example, microphones and camera to compete with the everyday attention hogs on everybody’s newsfeed!…One day, I’d like to be one of those big attention hogs.

You can help with my new campaign and watch what I’ve produced so far by going to this Rocketfuel HQ link – Click Here

Chris Tavener Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Start A New Video Series - Visit
Chris Tavener Launches Crowdfunding Campaign To Start A New Video Series – Visit

You can view the whole series again on my Youtube channel or choose a particular song if you missed one.

Walk On Girls (The Darts) – Watch This One
British People Watching The Superbowl – Watch This One
A Tesla Car In Space – Watch This One
I Blame (US Gun Laws) – Watch This One

The most recent song and final video of series one is about reported news, rather befittingly! It’s called ‘The English Press’ and you can view it here – Watch This One

It’s also available on my Soundcloud page via this link – Listen 

As always, your feedback is most welcome or if you have any ideas for new songs in the series please feel free to email them to

I’m currently touring again and I have new gig dates at my events page: if you’d like to come and see me perform live

Chris Tavener's New Live Gig Dates
Chris Tavener’s New Live Gig Dates